The Enclave Interior by Jamie Herzlinger

November 13, 2010

American interior designer Jamie Herzlinger has sent us a project she designed called The Enclave.


Description from Jamie Herzlinger:

The clients are world travelers and after a brief period of time living in Milan, they understandably fell in love with the work of Carlos Scarpa! Interpreting his work in combination with the client’s lifestyle made this project very exciting and unique.

The house had to be completely gutted, and it was only then that the soaring ceiling heights were discovered. Within the box of space that previously evaporated the entrance, dining room, hallways, and living room, we were able to make each of those public areas very dramatic by the controlled use of the bead blasted steel and poured terrazzo floors that had zinc screeds inlayed for a distinct separation.

In the entry, the angled cabinet is a beautiful dining room buffet, fabricated in Makassar ebony and supported within two bead blasted steel columns. It is cantilevered in order to create a visual separation from the entrance, but at the same time contributing to the architectural details.

The original master bathroom was combined with a walk in guest closet to create a larger space, as the programming required that the couple preferred to use the bath area together, thereby necessitating a larger space.

Visual fluidity and an informal atmosphere were the driving and guiding principles in the complete renovation of this project.

Visit Jamie Herzlinger’s website – here.