The FF1 Chair by Fox & Freeze

April 5, 2010

Belgian designers James Van Vossel and Tom de Vrieze have formed a creative cooperation called Fox & Freeze. Their first product is the FF1 Chair.

From the designers:

FF1 or Fox & Freeze1 is an indoor lounge chair made out of 1 square sheet of synthetic felt. There is no loss of material (except from the drilled holes), it is not supported with wood or metal or other. The Structure is self-supporting, the flax rope contracts the chair and finishes the chair aesthetically. The shell and base are not separated from the sheet but remain connected. Starting from a square surface, the felt sheet is twisted and twisted again, just like a scarf, ending in a symmetric and but also an asymmetric object, this is literally forms follows function.

The chair is surprisingly strong, watch a video of them jumping on it – here.


Visit the Fox & Freeze website – here.