The Flow Chair by Jennifer Tran

May 19, 2009

At ICFF 2009, the Rhode Island School of Design’s Department of Furniture Design presented Immaterialize, a showcase of student furniture and products that emphasize specific qualities of materials rather than their most familiar applications.

As part of the showcase, designer Jennifer Tran exhibited the Flow Chair, which is made of Varia ecoresin from the material supplier 3form.

Description from Jennifer Tran:

The Flow Chair was born from extensive form exploration, trial and error, and pure chance.  Using a simple technique of heating plastic to a malleable state and then quickly free forming it by hand, dozens of form studies were created, each evolving slowly into a more dynamic and functional form.  Beginning with molding arbitrary shapes from a flat, rectangular piece of plastic, the ongoing experimentation became informed through growing familiarity with the product.  The milled surface texture of evenly spaced grooves add bold and graphic definition to the undulating, organic shape.  The chair is made from 3form’s Varia Ecoresin, composed of at least 40% post-industrial recycled material.  By utilizing 3form’s diverse material choices, the chair’s appearance is emboldened by contrasting surface finishes and textile laminations.

Visit Jennifer Tran’s website – here.