The Flow House by MKA Architects

May 27, 2008

There’s a little story about this house…

Near the village of Bearsted in the county of Kent in southeast England, there is a property with 77 acres of rural land for sale. Currently, there are no permanent buildings on this land because the bylaws don’t allow people to build on agricultural land. However, in rare situations, it is possible to obtain a building permit for plans that are “truly outstanding and ground-breaking,” and that is what the owners of this property have achieved. They were given the extremely rare permission to build on the land because of this house designed by MKA Architects. Since going through that whole lengthy process, the owners have decided to move to the city of Canterbury to be closer to their children, so they’ve put the land (with permit) up for sale.

So basically, if you buy the land, you either build this house or you can’t build anything at all, unless you want to take a chance trying to get a permit for a different design, but that’s unlikely to happen unless it’s equally as exceptional as this one.

It’s called the Flow House, and it’s over 12,000 square feet, so the house alone will cost a sizeable amount of money to build, on top of the £1.85 million that the land is selling for. This is certainly a property that requires a buyer as unique as the house, if that sounds like you, contact the agents at Knight Frank.

Flow House

Flow House