The Frost Chair by FurnID for Stouby

February 28, 2011

Copenhagen based design studio FurnID created the Frost chair for the manufacturer Stouby.


The Frost Chair by FurnID for Stouby

The inspiration for FROST; emerged from FurnID’s fascination with the lines and forms, which occur when the wind plays with new fallen snow. In the same way the sculptural chair has the formal qualities of a snowdrift’s beautiful organic form, which covers the snow dressed landscape.

Designer Bo Strange explains “It has taken us nearly two years to develop FROST and during the process we there were many challenging discussions. It was a difficult task to keep the beautiful curves of the chair without destroying its comfort and light construction and we did not want to compromise either design or functionality. Since great comfort is a key issue for STOUBY, it took great deal of time to put everything in place”.

The attention to detail is evident and the effort to refine this has paid off when ones eye travels across the sculptural form. The organic form gives FROST a futuristic appearance, where all lines merges together, regardless of the angle from which the chair is viewed.

In spite of the futuristic expression, FROST clearly draws on references from the classic design aesthetic of the 40’s and the 50’s.  FurnID’s main inspiration comes from the famous architect Finn Juhl, who became known for his unique organic idiom, which put Danish design on to the world map.

Just like many of Finn Juhl’s classic furniture, FROST has the characteristic of an upholstered shell, standing on turned wooden legs, which is available in different types of wood. This combination gives the chair a harmonious and balanced appearance.

With its sculptural simplicity and faultless elegance, FROST sits perfectly amongst older classic designs and modern furniture and for that reason this sophisticated chair will be a beautiful addition to any private homes or public space such as hotels, lobbies and airports.

Visit the FurnID website – here.

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