The Geo Cocktail Table by Vito Selma

February 9, 2010

Vito Selma has sent us photos of the Geo Cocktail Table that he has designed.

Full description after the photos….


Description of the Geo Cocktail Table by Vito Selma:

If you look closely you’ll find they’re actually very still. Lines are stubborn things to pin down, so you don’t; you string them up. And while they insist on following a ‘linear’ track, it’s also very easy to fool them into bending a bit here and there in a hegemonic sort of oscillation. They’ll move only when you coax them, to form grids, blueprints, objects of the world.

My style is a play of lines, a test of the limitations of wood, and an evolution in itself. Showing the defined organic lines of the grain of wood is very important to me. The GEO cocktail table embodies this. It is inspired from STRING ART, the arrangement of lines between points to create a GEOMETRICAL PATTERN. By creating a more 3-D version of this art, it gives it more depth.

Depends where a viewer is standing, the look of the Geo transforms…from a DNA looking table base to a “winged” piece. It is an illusion of movement, especially when  light is focused on it and shadows are casted. It is a piece that you really have to see to really understand its full concept.

This is a GREEN product.

This table is made of either Pine or Mahogany wood, all coming from sustainably harvested forests. Aside from this, the “wooden rods” that are used as “string” in this table is made from recycled or unwanted wooden parts of legs and arms of chairs. Coming from a manufacturing firm with strict Quality Control, we have quite a few of these waste parts. I recycled them by processing it through a dowelling machine. It gives it a whole new look and the new texture adds even more character to the piece of wood and the table as a whole.