May 9, 2012

The new Swedish furniture brand SNICKERIET, which is Swedish for “The Carpentry,” have created
the HAVET Cabinet.


Description from SNICKERIET:

HAVET is a cabinet made out of pine. The surface treatment resembles a stormy ocean, created by combining traditional craftsmanship with an unconventional technique. The pattern is chiselled by hand using an angle grinder. Just like the waves on a windy sea, each cabinet created will be unique.

“HAVET demands space far beyond its actual size. The carved treatment that covers the entire cabinet surface resembles water ripples, as we wanted to capture theexpression of a black ocean at night; suggestive, absorbing and encompassing. The cabinet draws my mind towards expressionistic oil paintings rather thanfurniture.” says Karl-Johan Hjerling, creative director and designer at SNICKERIET

First the cabinet is built as a classic cabinet, with right angles, and with all details and itsinteriors in place. The carpenters then chisel out the distinctive pattern – a process requiring as much time as building the cabinet itself. The pattern is carved on all sides and across all external details, creating a monolithic and sculptural gestalt.

Visit the SNICKERIET website – here.