The Hopeless Diamond Sofa by Christopher Stuart of LUUR Studio

October 26, 2010

American designer Christopher Stuart of LUUR Studio has created the Hopeless Diamond Sofa.


Description from the designer:

“The Hopeless Diamond Sofa” by Christopher Stuart utilizes off the shelf materials from the local hardware store like copper plumbing pipe, shipping blankets, zip ties, and carpet padding. There are no difficult miters or glued joints.

The form was inspired by a folding paper cup I used to make as a child that tapered towards the base and revealed triangular shapes on the inside from the folding process. I kept a box perimeter and used trapezoids and triangles to taper, creating a multi-faceted form similar to that seen on the F-117 stealth aircraft. Hence, the name “The Hopeless Diamond” (an early nickname given to the stealth.)

Visit the LUUR Studio website – here.