The i2i Chair by IDEO and Steelcase

February 14, 2009

Steelcase, the manufacturer of the i2i Chair, which was introduced at the 2008 NeoCon tradeshow, has announced that it will finally be available in March 2009.

The much anticipated chair was developed through the collaboration between design consultancy IDEO and the Steelcase Design Studio.

From IDEO:

In researching the needs of a growing number of collaborative settings, Steelcase identified an opportunity at the intersection of task and lounge seating. IDEO was engaged to physically exemplify this opportunity space with a chair that promotes movement, provides long-term comfort through automatic and intuitive adjustments, and supports multiple postures.

Working closely with the Steelcase Design Studio, the team pursued an idea for a chair free of mechanical adjustments that would automatically support body movements, allowing users to focus on the people around them and the tasks at hand.

Named for the collaboration it enables, the i2i chair supports a variety of postures, including sideways, reclining, perching, and leaning. i2i has a dual swivel mechanism that allows users to swivel the seat and back independently. In doing so, users are able to maintain eye contact while changing postures and, thus, stay engaged.

Visit IDEO’s website – here.   Visit the Steelcase website – here.