The JALIS Sofa by Jehs+Laub

January 18, 2010

German designers Jehs + Laub have created the JALIS sofa for the manufacturer, COR.

From COR:

The Stuttgart-based designers Jehs + Laub already acquired a permanent place in the COR collections in 2008 with the strict geometry of their CUVERT seating furniture range. Now they have developed a new world from the basic shape of the cushion, creating diversity from one form: JALIS, taken from the Arabic, is the magical word for relaxed communication, comfortable in any circumstances. Cushions side by side – like stories told one after another. Special upholstery provides support and fabulous comfort. No less unusual than the concept itself is the new cover fabric Patio with woven-in ornaments, developed by the rohi textile manufacturing company. Only becoming visible when the incidence of light changes, its patterns seem almost three-dimensional and resemble fine embroidery. Create oases of well-being: the upholstered furniture range is an all-round talent that can float, rest on pedestals, integrate or highlight tables, change levels, and incorporate niches and floor recesses. No matter where it stands, its enclosed backrests and deep seats create a sense of security.

COR will exhibit the JALIS sofa at the upcoming 2010 IMM Cologne furnishing show in Germany.


The designers – Jehs+Laub: