The JET Table by Guilherme Torres

October 27, 2010

Brazillian architect Guilherme Torres has designed the JET Table.


Description from the designer:

The inspiration for this table came from a trivial object used in civil construction: a plastering float. With a sharp eye, the designer realised that the object’s shape, used to level surfaces, could be explored to create a remarkable design furniture.

Relinquishing a metallic structure in the inner part, the table is built with MDF boards of special measures. Thanks to this the wood craftsman, that participate directly in the creation process, built this table in 5 different dimensions, that goes from 240x110cm to 450cmx130cm. Even reaching large spans, the table doesn´t risk to flex. Jet table is considered one of the largest tables without amendment available in the market.

Result of a dashing project, added to the care of manufacture and to the diversity of finishing options, Jet table is in total accordance to the International sustainablity standards. The raw material, such as the MDF and the paints used in finishing process are certified and dimensions aim the best employment of the MDF boards. All waste generated during the manufacturing process is collected for recicling  The industry has its own Professional training program which forms their own labor force.

A reference of the designer’s childhood: The Jetsons, a futuristic cartoon, called attention by its colors, functions and mainly by its object shapes. From there the name of the table came across, which resembles the shapes of the furniture of the Jetsons family.

Visit the Studio Guilherme Torres website – here.