The Juliet Supperclub by bluarch architecture

April 22, 2010

bluarch architecture + interiors have designed the Juliet Supperclub, celebrity chef Todd English’s most recent venture with nightclub owner, Jon B.

Full description after the photos….


Description from bluarch architecture:

“The conceptual framework behind the design of Juliet is based on the symbols and the tales of “One Thousand and One Nights” told by the legendary  Persian queen Scheherazade,” said Di Oronzo.  “The stories would speak of adventurous travels on flying carpets and luminous, soft clouds in the warm desert nights.  They would speak of kings and queens, and describe encounters in crowded, gleaming cities.”

Juliet is a shimmering bi-level space of gold cladding materials and lacquered furnishings. A “flying carpet” of gold, mirrored tiles is laid over the entire main room and folds over the walls and the bar. The space vibrates with the mosaic mirror, and the gloss black laser-cut ribs lining the walls represent a warping, organic profile. Much like the fluidity of Scheherazade’s tales, the ribs offer a shifting narrative.

The ceiling is a two-layer, laser-cut fixture resting on the ribs. Both layers are patterned in a typical middle-eastern archetype, but in two different scales of magnitude. The top layer is white opposing the mirrored bottom layer.

The space has fragile boundaries and proposes a soft, sexy experience.  The seating is made of booths with sensuous outlines, and the upper level extends to the main room to align with the back of the lower booths. The tables are custom made in a sumptuous, full profile, and are lacquered in a deep, lively, Mediterranean blue.

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