The Kolare Residence by DiMella Shaffer

November 5, 2008

Steve Keyser, an architect working with DiMella Shaffer, has sent us images of a house he’s working on that will be built in Seattle, Washington.

Description from DiMella Shaffer:

A 650 square foot bungalow on a narrow site is transformed into a highly sustainable 2000 square foot house integrated with its garden and surroundings. Built on a 37×190′ half-lot the project site is defined by two majestic trees and its close proximity to adjacent development. The building is carefully designed to span over the two existing fir tree’s root systems to establish a new living/dining wing north of the existing house. The resulting court with its reclaimed wood decking affords a permeable surface for the health of the trees and a celebration of nature within the building.

Visit the website of DiMella Shaffer Architects – here.

The cross section of the house has been tuned to promote natural ventilation and bring an ever-changing pattern of light into all parts of the house. A new circulation spine/bridge/light monitor celebrates connections to nature, light, native vegetation and the garden spaces as it passes through the building. A vegetated roof garden and a new second level terrace afford contemplative vistas to Mt. Rainier and the downtown skyline while helping to manage water on the site, improve air quality and insulate the building. Glassy north and south facades are contrasted with carefully fenestrated cast concrete east and west walls to protect privacy and provide thermal mass and solar protection.