The Larix House by Corvin Cristian

December 14, 2010

Architect Corvin Cristian has completed the Larix House in Snagov, Romania.


Description from the architect:

The old wood boat sheds on the neighboring Snagov Lake inspired the shape and materials of the house. The lot is narrow thus generating the plan and position. For intimacy reasons, the street elevation is totally opaque while the openings abound towards the courtyard. Sun protection is provided by exterior electric aluminum blinds that slide underneath the wood facade when not in use. In the austere geometry of the house we introduced some “romantic” elements as the curved balcony handrail or the 1900 colored concrete tiles. The Thonet chairs, the ottoman inspired sofa from Autobahn, the reclaimed wood coffee table or the Matthew Hilton “Oscar” armchairs are a counterpoint to the white minimal space. The walls are to be filled with a collection of paintings.

Visit Corvin Cristian’s website – here.

Photography by Cosmin Dragomir