The Leschi Residence by Adams Mohler Ghillino

December 27, 2008

Adams Mohler Ghillino designed this home in Seattle, Washington.

From the architects:

This 3300 SF residence occupies an irregularly shaped, sloping site overlooking Lake Washington with views of the Cascade range from Mt. Baker in the North to Mt. Rainier in the South.

The house is anchored to its sloping site at the upper northwest corner by a cast-in-place concrete garage. A semi-detached, single story studio sets atop the garage and cantilevers to create a covered path to the entry. The three story volume of the main house occupies the lower southeast corner of the site with an open living/dining/kitchen space on the main floor, master bedroom suite and study on the upper floor, and children’s bedrooms and play area on the lower floor.

The three-story height of the southeast corner is carved away and replaced with a deck at the main level. This deck is suspended from a three- story steel bracket that also supports the roof above. Living spaces at both the main and upper levels are opened to the resulting two-story space by sets of sliding glass doors.

Seattle Modern House

Photography by Benjamin Benschneider