The Level Barstool From Johanson Design

June 25, 2008

For a few years now, it’s been impossible to pickup an interior design magazine without seeing at least one (if not many) interiors featuring the LEM Piston Stool.  It’s a great stool, and a design which seems to have already acheived iconic status.  We love the LEM Piston Stool, but it’s getting a bit trite, because they’re everywhere.  They’re as common as Barcelona chairs, Corbusier lounges, and Noguchi tables, which are all great too, but we don’t really feel like paying $6 for magazines where we see the same thing all the time.  So how about a little change?  Johanson Design has a new barstool called Level that they showed off at this year’s Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan.  We’re looking forward to seeing it in some interior photo shoots.

Visit the Johanson Design website ? here.

Level Barstool