The Makenna Resort by Drucker Architects

September 20, 2010

Drucker Architects have completed the Makenna Resort in Itacaré, Brazil.


Description from Drucker Architects:

The challenge of this project was to transform a natural place in an architectural space, or build a territory in which the physical landmark is no longer a backdrop to become an active part of their own construction, identifying those key elements of the landscape to emerge through a system of relations that go beyond the visual area of the building.

The building fits the landscape, radicalizing their potential, thus creating a large belvedere. Expanding dramatically the feeling of horizontality, eliminating the visual field that which is not substantial to the essence of landscape. Floor and ceiling acquire a substantial value.

The structural system adopted responds well to the program and enforcement without waivers, without violence as well. A system strict and precise, but also open and flexible.

Architects: Monica Drucker / Ruben Otero
Project team: Juliana Martins / Fausto Chino / Roni Ebina / Ignacio Errandonea / Victor Minghini
Construction management: Thilo Scheuermann
Structural engineering: Pedro Teleki
Project year: 2004
Construction year: 2010
Architecture by Drucker Arquitetura
Photography © Leonardo Finotti