The Michelberger: A New Designer Budget Hotel in Berlin

June 17, 2009

The Michelberger is a new budget hotel in Berlin, Germany that will open on September 9th, 2009.
The hotel takes its name from the founder, Tom Michelberger, a 31-year-old from southern Germany. Tom is the central figure in a patchwork of friends who came together to create the hotel.

With rates starting at 59 EUR per night, the Michelberger falls into the budget hotel category, but unlike most budget hotels which are typically very standard and conventional, the Michelberger has been designed by the internationally renowned designer Werner Aisslinger, to provide a unique guest experience.

The 119 room hotel is located next to the famous Oberbaum Bridge and the river Spree. Five different room categories offer a range of different layouts. The rooms display a high level of space efficiency and lots of vertical drama and airiness – a feat allowed by the placing of loft bed areas above the bathrooms. Most rooms are for singles, couples and threesomes but other options including The Big One allow groups of 4 or even more to room together.

Visit the Michelberger Hotel website – here.

The Operational Team: Nadine May, Tom Michelberger, and Azar Kazimir.

The Design Team: Werner Aisslinger (middle) and his design associates.