The Mooramie House by Tobias Partners

August 8, 2010

Tobias Partners have sent us some photos of the Mooramie House in Sydney, Australia.


Description from the architects:

The mass, proportion and simple architectural expression of the new 2-storey rear addition is sympathetic and respectful to the existing Federation-style cottage. Alterations to the rear are not readily visible from the street, which has helped reduce impact to the heritage significance of the existing dwelling. The relatively simple form of the rear addition, situated below the ridgeline of the existing building, allows for the original house to remain the dominant feature of the site. The new/ old exterior connection is delineated by the expressed shadowline created by the junction of the flush recessed steel frame of the new addition. Similarly, the new and old components have been matched in the same paint colour. Visual impact of the new southern wall has been reduced in the creation of elevated garden, which internally houses the amenities block including butler’s pantry, laundry and pool WC. Oversized timber-framed sliding doors on a travertine stone inlay track pocket away to enable a single interior/ exterior space with a continuous travertine floor finish. External hardwood timber screens to the first floor windows provide privacy as well as shelter from the sun.

A restrained palette of natural materials form the basis of the interior fit-out, including recycled timber flooring and travertine stone floors. A theme of translucent S-curving shower curtains were used to soften the otherwise hard surfaces of the bathrooms, and to delineate the wet areas. Timber has been used as the continuous link between old and new house, and also connecting the upper and lower levels of the new extension alike. Links between the lower and upper levels of the new house have been achieved through spatial devices, including the living room void  that is articulated through new double height northern window with timber screen-over, and an adjacent  interior double-height grasscloth wall.

Visit the website of Tobias Partners – here.