The Natural Collection by Edoardo Petri

March 16, 2009

Italian architect Edoardo Petri designed the Natural Collection of bathroom furniture for Italian manufacturer FRANCOCECCOTTI.

From the manufacturer:

For its first collection, FRANCOCECCOTTI decided to appoint an Italian designer to supervise the entire creative process in close cooperation with the company. This is architect and designer Edoardo Petri, committed since his academic studies to researching a balance between space, shape and function, at the same time drawing the proper attention on the aesthetic value of the project. Such a balance cannot create, when well achieved, anything but a result with interesting features of harmony and grace, never pompous and absolutely rigorous. So, it is Edoardo Petri that has the honour of supervising the first collection FRANCOCECCOTTI, born from the ambitious idea of reinterpreting the bathroom furniture in its materials and shapes. The Italian designer – building on his own experience as an architect – gives the new range a dynamic matrix, where functionality, charm and quality met harmoniously. Everything is done according to the culture of “beauty”, intrinsic to Italian-made products.

Visit the FRANCOCECCOTTI website – here.