The Nautilus Project by Design Spirits

June 8, 2011

Design Spirits have designed the interior of The Nautilus Project, a restaurant in Singapore.


Description from the designers:

The Nautilus Project is located on the fourth floor of the ION shopping center, where opened recently on the Orchard Road, Singapore. The great strategy of the location has brought them lot of benefits as the floor composite of sales, drinks and food.  Besides, the entrance of the restaurant is flanked on one side by an oyster bar and on the other side by displays of delectable dessert and trays of fresh crustaceans on ice.

A certain concept of the design, chef, design and location have been prepared by the food consultant from the beginning had caused me difficulty in leading my own ideal interior design.  However, the owner is the president of the cargo company and her beauty made me decided to reflect her sophisticate, elegant plus the tender characteristic to this restaurant project.

I stopped making a facade and designed the entrance where a common passageway for the restaurant in order to make visitor enter easily without any hesitation.  Both are curved inward towards the middle to highlight the beginning of the passageway into the restaurant.  This create a non-intimidating welcome for passers-by to get a glimpse of what the restaurant has to offer, as well as sets the tone for the restaurant’s focus on an interactive experience for the patrons.

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Photography by Toshide Kajiwara