The Omicra Chair by Sotiris Lazou for Varangis

April 11, 2009

Sotiris Lazou has designed the Omicra chair for the Greek manufacturer Varangis.

From Varangis:

This extraordinary chair is an ode to minimalism, creating space and volume through void. With open, negative areas developed as deliberately as the positive density, its form is defined by a rhythmical relation between the massive solid of the seat and the pierced back. This correlation of internal and external elements, however, is not limited to aesthetic contemplation. Employing the greatest economy, a single seamless plank of pressed multilaminar plantation wood is vacuum formed and the backrest is attenuated using CNC routing technology, intentionally pushing the material to its very limits to achieve extreme flexibility and body-hugging comfort.

Visit Sotiris Lazou’s website – here.    Visit the Varangis website – here.