The Osler House by Marcio Kogan

April 16, 2009

Marcio Kogan designed the Osler House located in Brasília, Brazil.

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Description of the Osler House by Marcio Kogan:

The plan of the Osler house is structured by a ground floor volume, a suspended volume and a deck with an outdoor pool. The box of concrete and wood on ground, houses the main suite, a bedroom, bathroom, the utilities area and the garage. The vertical wooden brises filter the light and can open in their entirety, diluting the relationship between the internal and the external. The upper volume, propped on the ground-floor volume, on one side, and on pilotis on the other; accommodates the living room, the kitchen (done with low-height furniture) and a small office. This upper box creates a shady area and over the ground-floor prism, an extension of the living room, is the solarium.

An outdoor staircase connects the deck alongside the pool to the upper solarium. An indoor staircase forms the daily circulation of the house. Near the main circulation, in the foyer of the house, an Athos Bulcão panel was especially designed and it is, possibly, his last project. The tiles that are in most famous classic buildings in Brasília build the space here as well; a work of art designed for the house, designed with the architecture, that the artist could not see completed.

The brises, the pilotis, and the plan with two perpendicular volumes are, in this house, a commentary of the modern architecture of Brasília; the panel by Athos Bulcão, a great privilege for the inhabitant and for the architects.

Author > Marcio Kogan
Co-author > Suzana Glogowski
Interior Design > Diana Radomysler + Marcio Kogan
Team > Oswaldo Pessano . Renata Furlanetto . Lair Reis . Samanta Cafardo . Carolina Castroviejo . Eduardo Glycerio . Maria Cristina Motta . Mariana Simas . Gabriel Kogan

Photographer > Pedro Vannucchi

Landscape architect > Renata Tilli

General contractor > Abacus Engenharia