The Pacific Heights Residence by Lundberg Design

October 19, 2008

This house by Lundberg Design is located in San Francisco, California.

From Lundberg:

This project is the joining and remodel of two adjacent row houses in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. While the existing structures had little to recommend them aesthetically, they do occupy an extraordinary site. From the front façade they look out upon Alta Plaza Park, a charming two-block park at the very top of Pacific Heights; and out the back they have a panoramic view of San Francisco Bay.

This setting has caused us to focus the design so that the interior volumes will maintain their transparency from front to back, so when one is in the structure you will be aware of both views simultaneously. The entry/public level is on the second floor, enabling the garages and guest rooms to occupy the ground floor where the view is of the back yard. The third level is reserved for the Client’s private use – their offices and the Master Bedroom suite.

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More text from Lundberg:

The dominant exterior materials are Neoparies, a crystalline glass wall panel from Japan; Basaltina, a charcoal colored slab stone used on both the façade and exterior paving; and matte finished stainless steel railings and windows. The front façade is dominated by a 30-foot tall vertical “airfoil” fin, which is actually a structural column, and is also made of stainless steel. The circular stair – a dramatic sculpture of stone and stainless steel – is a sensuous ribbon whose effect is heightened by the contrast to the overall rectilinear geometry of the architecture. The interior floors are either wenge hardwood or Brandy Crag, a bluish/gray English stone.