The People Behind Wave 1 and 2

May 28, 2008

Gudiksen DesignThe Designers – Gudiksen Design
Gudiksen Design also known as Karsten and Jakob Gudiksen, have created some amazing pieces since they started in 2003.

The brothers, one a graphic designer and idea generator, the other a trained toolmaker, put their expertise together to turn an idea into a reality. They specialize in product design for brand name manufacturers like Mimondo.


The Producers – Mimondo

Klaus Bjerre Jensen and Karsten Spaabæk founded Mimondo, a children’s furniture company that likes to concentrate on producing high quality and exceptionally designed furniture that questions the perception of how a bed for kids can be shaped.

The End Result – Wave 1 and Wave 2

Wave Bunk Bed

Contemporary Bunk Bed