The Percy Lamp by David Pidcock

September 7, 2010

Australian designer David Pidcock has sent us images of the Percy Lamp.


Description from David Pidcock:

Launched at Workshopped 10, Percy is a simple task light design by Sydney based designer/maker David Pidcock.

Percy evolved out of an exercise in stripping the task light object back to all but its most essential elements. The aesthetic is strongly inspired by natural forms and structures, particularly the buttress root system of the Moreton Bay Fig Tree which is referenced in the organically splayed lamp base.

The three dimensionally curved head and base are hand-raised from sheet aluminium. Through working closely with Canberra based Gold & Silversmith, Alison Jackson these components were developed to allow consistent production using traditional panel beating techniques.

A moulded polyurethane carrier supports the lens and articulating joint between the head and base. Percy lamp is powered by a highly efficient 1-watt Cree LED light source. The aluminium head functions as an integral heat sink, allowing the LED to run at optimal temperature by dissipating the generated heat over a large surface area.

100% recyclable aluminium construction, adhesive-free assembly. Available in raw or anodized finish.

Visit David Pidcock’s website – here.