The Perillo Chair by Martin Ballendat

November 24, 2008

German designer Martin Ballendat has designed a new chair for the Switzerland based furniture manufacturer Züco Bürositzmöbel.

From Züco:

What is striking about Züco’s new Ballendat-designed lounge chair is its futuristic design and its extravagant appearance. The seat surface, backrest, armrests and sub-frame follow a flowing, uninterrupted line and seamlessly come together to produce a single unit. The front and rear surfaces are oriented towards each other and create a sensuous geometry. Martin Ballendat’s emotional design really does capture the spirit of the times.

Visit the Züco website – here.  Visit Martin Ballendat’s website – here.

Perillo Chair - Zuco

Perillo Chair - Zuco

“The main objective when developing the product was to create a piece of furniture which is also a true showpiece,” said the designer. “In a world which is geared towards efficiency and economy, ‘Perillo’ offers a welcome and exciting contrast when compared to the sterile linearity of many modern buildings.”

Perillo Chair - Zuco