The Plateau Lounge Chair by Erik Magnussen

September 6, 2009

Danish designer Erik Magnussen has created the Plateau lounge chair for the Copenhagen based furniture manufacturer Engelbrechts.

The chair has been christened Plateau, since its right armrest has a wide flat surface on which the user can place his/her Dry Martini, remote control or even a laptop.

The chair is 120 cm tall and set on a highly finished aluminium base which is available with or without automatic return swivel. Plateau is manufactured in cold foam on top of hard foam, which creates a very comfortable seat. Plateau is available with leather or textile covers. Its challenging organic shape has led to new production processes that minimise sewing. As a result, the chair only has two pieces of textile or leather: one for the seat and one for the backrest.

The designer Erik Magnussen found inspiration for Plateau by contemplating the shape of his own left hand. Erik’s thumb inspired the chair’s plateau and his other fingers the backrest.