The Pop Rivet Bench by TAF

September 13, 2010

Swedish architects TAF have designed the Pop Rivet Bench.

To celebrate the 2010 London Design Festival and mark the London launch of The Lollipop Shoppe, TAF were invited among 10 other furniture designers to create one of 10 public benches.


Description from TAF:

The bench TAF have been working on is a combination between two traditional handicrafts. We used the visual expression from the antique Swedish Bentwood boxes for keeping butter (Sw; Svepask). They were traditionally made of layers of wood bent around an oval shaped bottom held in place with birchwood lacing. The wood is translated into swept aluminum sheets and instead of laces we used big Pop Rivets. The construction and the production method is very pragmatically chosen and makes the project very easy to produce and use.

Pop Rivet is 3 pieces of aluminum sheets (front, back and the back rest) that are swept around the oval shaped aluminum seat. It is then drilled and put together with Pop rivets which is a very well-known and simple technique for put materials together. We think the technique is under estimated since it is really smart, functional and also brings a pattern to the product.

Visit the TAF website – here.

Photo: Joakim Bergström