The Propeller Table by FurnID

February 27, 2009

Danish design studio FurnID has created the Propeller Table for manufacturer Jørgen Christensen.

From FurnID:

The table is designed to meet the many needs in private homes or small office spaces, where a combined table with many functions are required. It functions both as a dinning table and as working desk.

The Propeller table functions in principle in the same way as a folding table, with a main plate in the centre with free hanging plates on each side. The Propeller can expand without the assistance of supported reinforcements. When the free hanging plates are folded up, the frame follows with it, and the table takes a new long square form. The table is designed for 4 to 7 or even up to 10 persons.

Visit FurnID’s website – here.   Visit Jørgen Christensen’s website – here.