The Qrooz Houseboat

July 27, 2008

The Dutch seem to have a love affair with living on water, and for many, it’s not just a dream, but a reality.  One of those who is living that dream is Arno Schuurs who created the Qrooz houseboat.

Arno describes the initiative behind Qrooz:

In 2004 I started planning and designing the Qrooz concept. The concept is based on my ideas on how I would like to live and work. The supply of houses and offices doesn’t answer my demand, it is too compromised.

So I started thinking about my ideal house and office; view over the water, in nature and close to the city, a lot of daylight, a great place to be with my family and meet my friends, for short, a place to relax, to enjoy and to socialize.

That was how Qrooz was born; it is all the above and I added mobility to it. Mobility sets you free. It adds a whole new dimension to living and working; you choose the location of your house or office. Stay close to your work during the week and enjoy other cities or the countryside in weekends. Or explore Europe in your own house

Visit the Qrooz website – here.