The Raye Street House by Ryan Rhodes Designs

March 18, 2010

In 2006, Cousins Ryan Rhodes (Designer/Principal – Ryan Rhodes Designs) and Jason Rhodes (Attorney/Principal – JMR Law Group) purchased a 7,000 square foot view lot on the top of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, Washington. On the lot was a warn-down, non-conforming house built in 1909 that was beyond both financial and physical salvage.

Ryan and Jason began working together designing this speculative/custom modern residence. Sean Meek, the owner of Logan’s Hammer: Building & Renovation, joined the team to construct the project, and helped turn an ambitious prospect into a reality.


Site concept: This “Urban-infill” house is thoughtfully sited to the North portion of the lot in order to maximize the unobstructed views while creating a large, private yard to the South. The house takes advantage of the views and natural topography while creating easy access for both vehicles and pedestrians. It was important to create a foot-friendly access to the house, while maintaining ample off-street parking for both owners and visitors alike.

Design concept: This custom urban home works to bring a contemporary style of living together with hints of traditional Queen Anne aesthetics by incorporating a subtle blend of clean, modern lines with rich comfortable materials. The house is essentially two simple forms (a rectangle and a box) that are juxtaposed to take advantage of the dynamic views.

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