The ReLegs Chair by Jennifer Heier

January 31, 2009

German designer Jennifer Heier has sent us photos of her ReLegs Chair that she recently exhibited at the 2009 IMM Cologne furnishings show in Germany.

From Jennifer Heier:

Normally idioms explain human behaviour or human conditions with the help of objects. My idea for this project was to change the subject object role of them and see what happens. ReLegs is one of the results. A chair that is able to go down to its knees. This causes a very special way of interaction, since the chair is able to act in two different positions. The upright position is meant for a regular sitting attitude, whereas the other position is more relaxed and comfortable for the user, but not for the chair, that has to prostrate for its owner. By twisting the rear legs you can change to the one or the other attitude.

Visit Jennifer Heier’s website – here.

Visit Jennifer Heier’s website – here.