The Saddler Chair by Pudelskern Space Agency

April 21, 2010

At this year’s SaloneSatellite show in Milan, we met Georg Öhler and Nina Mair, two of the three designers from the Pudelskern Space Agency, a young design group from Austria. At the show, they were exhibiting Saddler, an easy chair made from ash and nut wood, and leather.


Description from Pudelskern:

Saddler is forming leather to soothe the curves of the rider. Being skin itself leather is one of the most sensual materials to the human touch. The seat and the backrest of the easy chair are formed as a smooth landscape of valleys and hills. Exclusively naturally tanned leather is used. The frame contains itself and sports artful details of joinery being assembled by mortise and tenon. Two different types of wood are worked with to produce a light-dark combination. The ash or nut wood is planed by hand and its sharp edges additionally contrast the sinuous leather forms. Saddler is a multi-sensual experience, enhanced by contrast and the distinctiveness of the unexpected.

The Pudelskern Space Agency – Georg Öhler, Nina Mair, and Horst Philipp:

Visit the Pudelskern Space Agency website – here.