The SIDE Hotel by Matteo Thun

October 29, 2008

Italian architect Matteo Thun designed the “Zen meets Pop” interior of the 5-star SIDE Hotel in Hamburg, Germany.

Visit Matteo Thun’s website – here.  Visit the SIDE Hotel’s website – here.

From Matteo Thun:

Wherever you go all over the world, there are hotels everywhere, many of them tediously repetitive and sublimely forgettable. What makes you remember a hotel is its character, its uniqueness and its spirit of place. Although it has hundreds of years of tradition as a thriving maritime hub, Hamburg is not a showy city, but a business capital focused on the present (and the future), extensively rebuilt after wartime bombing. Which makes it a very good location for a consciously future-oriented blend of bold architecture, stunning interior design and utterly original lighting that unquestionably made a major contribution to creating today’s increasingly popular genre of the design hotel.

One of Matteo Thun’s first creations for the hospitality industry, Hamburg’s Side Hotel is also one of the world’ first design hotels: bold architecture combines with stunning interior design and constantly changing lighting in a multidisciplinary venture that dialogues with the human senses. Rough, smooth and textured surfaces speak to the sense of touch; light shades contrast with dark tones and pastels with splashes of vivid colour to enliven the sight, while several areas are pervaded by soft music and ambient perfumery. Matteo Thun describes this synthesis between high tech and environmentalism as “Zen meets Pop”.