Residence Roosendaal by Oomen Architects

October 27, 2009

Oomen Architects have completed the design for a house in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

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Photography by Filip Dujardin

Residence Roosendaal by Oomen Architects

Assimilation to surroundings

The residence aims for a synthesis between the indoor and the outdoor space. The outdoor space is more or less embraced, creating subtle transitions. The living room has been deliberately raised by 80 centimetres, which creates a direct relationship with the magnificently wide view. The different levels within the house subtly interact with the central staircase, with relatively small differences in height. Adjacent to the master bedroom is a lowered terrace, which takes the splitlevel to the outdoor space as well. The pool and garden wall feature as a connection to the covered terrace and garden storage located behind the house. The shape of the residence is a direct organic consequence of the shape of the lot.


The residence with a carport, garage and garden storage was designed as a whole. The idea is based on the concept of one continuous mass, with a number of indentations. This concept does not allow for an overhang, as it would become a volume in and of itself, a second structure. The structure as it exists now is a logical consequence of the development of the indoor space and the different levels. Focal point of the design as a whole is the admittance of daylight. Transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces are characterised by windows that are sunk deeply into the facade, allowing the light to guide the transition. This design feature has been deliberately omitted at the front of the house where the living room is located, in order to amplify the direct confrontation with the landscape.

The plan contains: residence with carport, garage, garden storage room

Completed: 2009

Characteristics: Gross floor area: 479 m² , Volume: 1.730 m³

Photography: Filip Dujardin