The SITE Collection by WilliamsSorel for Davis Furniture

June 26, 2010

At the 2010 NeoCon show in Chicago, the American manufacturer Davis Furniture, exhibited the
SITE collection that was designed by California-based designers Otto Williams and Jess Sorel.


Description from Davis Furniture:

SITE is a collection of low, large-scale tables, modular benches, and a highly configurable storage system designed to create immersive spaces for collaboration in applications ranging from conference rooms to large public spaces.

As the trend continues towards distributed project teams, we believe the centralized workplace will be most effective and relevant in how it facilitates the rich collaborative interactions so essential to project work.  As the use of large-scaled plasma screens becomes more common in the workplace, SITE plays a critical role in connecting individuals either face-to-face or at a distance via web conferencing.

SITE effectively leverages real estate by activating under-utilized “in between” spaces (i.e.: lobbies, concourse, open areas, etc.).  When configured for large-scale applications, SITE’s inherent flexibility is reflected in how it easily serves large and small groups, as well as individuals based upon the way users orient themselves within the setting.

Each element in the SITE collection is designed to be repurpose-able and reconfigurable.  Every component retains its inherent value as a standalone product.  However, when utilized in concert the thoughtful and fluid design creates highly effective and inspired settings in which to gather and work.

SITE Benches present a comfortable alternative seating solution for casual conferencing and meeting spaces. The bench is shared seating – providing a more casual and active posture to keep users engaged in the activity. Individual space is delineated by thoughtful gaps set in each bench.  SITE benches create low boundaries helping define space within the open plan environment.

SITE Tables are the essential element in developing a space to foster communication.  Large round or rectangular tables are designed at a low, working height creating a casual and comfortable, yet effective workspace.  Power and technology access are artfully integrated within the surface while cable management is smartly hidden below.

SITE Storage provides multiple functionality and support to the meeting space.  The units offer a smart range of storage solutions accessible from both sides, in addition to simple technology support.  Storage units can also function as space separation and can be configured as a standing height exchange surface between settings.

The entire collection’s aesthetic is conveyed through subtle angularity and unexpected scale.  SITE is inspired by a timeless and sophisticated character, devoid of any unnecessary expressive gestures.

Tables and cases finished in warm wood finishes compliment the soft upholstered benches.  Materials are selected for their inherent beauty and durability.  They are minimally processed to reveal their underlying qualities.  SITE can be configured in a number of dynamic compositions ranging from conventional to eclectic.  Painted surfaces, select veneer, fabric, metal finishes, and glass options offer opportunities for a range of creative expression.

In summary, SITE provides an ability to create inspired places for collaboration.

Visit the Davis Furniture website – here.

Visit the WilliamsSorel website – here.