The Smokehouse Room and SHRoom by Busride Design Studio

December 13, 2011

Busride Design Studio have designed a restaurant called The Smokehouse Room as well as an attached nightclub called SHRoom in New Delhi, India.


Description from the designers:

One of the most bizarre briefs we’ve worked with, Smokehouse Room flows organically out over 12,000 sq.ft of curves, overlooking the grandest view in India, the Qutub Heritage precinct. The Smokehouse Room frames 13th Century history in postmodern lenses.

The Smokehouse Room has 3 distinct, yet seamlessly connected offerings.We’ve tried to create a fluid, organically growing, psychedelic landscape that melts into various parts.

The Smokehouse Room is a tiny 40 seater tasting room. We created an elegant, understated, quiet atmosphere as a dramatic stage for a sensorial food performance, with subtle organic undertones. Each element in the Restaurant is hand-crafted, from the chairs and fluid partitions and window frames. Lighting and paneling is designed to create long, fluid horizontal lines, that hint at the forms and textures of the Mushroom, which served as the formal inspiration behind the venue. Touted as “One of the finest restaurants to be setup in the city”, Smokehouse Room has been called “Brilliant and irreverent”.

The Cocktail bar introduces schizophrenia into the offering, being a pristine white space in the day, and becoming an intensely coloured, constantly changing hallucinatory environment by night, which takes the trademark Smokehouse Room eccentricity into cocktails. We worked on a molten design form, that creeps up the edges of the spaces, sculpting out functionality. The idea was to work on flexible, eccentric seating ideas, including the mound-like barstools, and the floor hugging organic sofa form, such that it creates multiple seating options, for different Bar requirements. The Cocktail bar, in layout forms part of both the Restaurant and the attached Club, hence responds to both extremities in energy levels.

The Smokehouse Room is attached to the newest entrant to the Delhi Club circuit, SHRoom. With SHRoom we created a completely immersive Audio-Visual Environment, in what is intended to be the closest replica of the psychedelic mind-bending experience.The club tries to visualize an experience inside and under an exploding canopy of mushrooms, with synced effects lights and pulsing visuals. SHRoom adopts the progressive sound of EDM to create a space that breathes and lives, pushing the Club culture in the capital city into a more international space.

Smokehouse Room and SHRoom sprawl over the 3rd floor and terrace of The Crescent Mall @ the Qutub.

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