The Sof Sofa and Trico Chair by Luís Porém

November 29, 2008

Portuguese designer Luís Porém has some new seating designs in the Sof Sofa and Trico Chair.

Visit Luís Porém’s website – here.

The Sof Sofa

Made by two upholstered elements and only one side, the Sof Sofa reveals as a simple piece that allows multiple arrangements.

By one side, the lateral of the sofa is reinforced with two elements, leaving the opposite side without a final. In this way, the Sof Sofa can be also used as a chaise long, or complete with other sofa. It can be also arranged with a support table.

The Trico Chair

Wood, metal and textile, in three different colours, are the caracteristic that lift the Trico Chair. Joining the three materials it is possible to get a distinguishable simplicity and harmony.

The fact of being able of pile the chair and work with different materials make the Trico chair a functional, versatile object, with is own character.

Visit Luís Porém’s website – here.