The Split Personality Sofa by Ditte Maigaard

August 28, 2010

Danish designer Ditte Maigaard has created the Split Personality sofa.


From the designer:

A new piece of furniture is based on the differences in a relationship. He enjoys coffee, she enjoys tea. He reads biographies, she reads thrillers. He is gray, she is colorful. She wants change, he does not…

Split Personality is developed from from a view of two opposite personalities who – because of their differences – supplement each other and enables many different uses. The shape and the textile expression is developed in unity, and it is exactly in the meeting of textile and furniture that Split Personality comes into character.

The furniture is padded in lanes which could be used to create a customizable coloring on the back by allowing the lanes to be changed by the end user. The furniture is meant to be used in the middle of the room to allow both sides to be experienced and can thereby also function as a room divider.

Visit Ditte Maigaard’s website – here.