The Spurt Lounge Chair by Paulsberg

March 1, 2011

German design studio Paulsberg have created the Spurt lounge chair, made out of carbon-textile reinforced concrete.


Description from the designers:

“Spurt” is made of one piece out of carbon-textile reinforced concrete. Inspired by the silhouette of a sprinter just about to start the race, the lounge chair combines strength and vitality. With its ergonomically shaped form, “Spurt” offers comfort, that goes far beyond common concrete or stone furniture. Due to the complexity of its shape the chair is handmade.

“Spurt” is available as an indoor as well as an outdoor model.

colors: concrete grey or anthracite ?
size: 920 × 850 × 1080 mm (WxHxD)
weight: approx. 30 kg

Visit the Paulsberg website – here.