The Square House by MODO Architecture & Design

January 12, 2010

MODO Architecture & Design have designed the Square House in Menorca, Spain.

Full description after the photos….

The Square House by MODO Architecture & Design

AREA: 180 Sqm
TEAM: MODO, Arquitectura y Diseño
ARCHITECTS: Christian Sintes, David Dominguez

This small project (180 sqm) is located near the seaside, in an urbanization on the northface of the port of Mahon, in Menorca.

The area is very quite, caracterized by the existence of several isolated houses mainly composed by the intersection of cubic blocks.

As the site is situated between two houses, the aim of the project was to create an introverted house regarding to the neighbours, and outgoing to the main views to the seaside. It appears as a compact geometry, in contrast to the unlucky catalog of formal solutions of the surrounding neighbours.

The house is mainly closed on its north facade, and open wide to the south orientation, it appears as a massive compact object, perforated by a “great eye”, framing the interesting views.

The program is divided in two floors regarding to the existing strong slope of the site. The main entrance and sleeping area are on the first floor, while the living room and the kitchen are situated on the ground level. The kitchen is conceived to cook looking at the sea, this idea is reinforced by the use of the same floor natural stone in the interior and exterior areas.

The exterior area is divided by different slopes, creating intimate or open areas as needed.

Regarding to the native architectural tradition, we used “ White“ as the main material (and not as a colour) for the whole solution.

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