The STERN Coffee Table by Jacob Strobel for Team 7

January 27, 2011

German designer Jacob Strobel has created the STERN coffee table for Austrian furniture manufacturer Team 7.


Description from Team 7:

Sculpture or table – the ‘star’, which convinces with its geometric forms and the extraordinary construction, is both. It was awarded the highly sought-after Interior Innovation Award 2011 for its design. The core component is a ring-shaped nodal point which stands out technically and formally.From it 8 identical rays rise, each of which are shaped from sophisticated natural wood. Arranged upwards and downwards alternatively, the rays are a supporting leg and carrier of a round glass plate at the same time. The plate seems to hover over the circle of rays, thus it lends an optical lightness. 8mm in thickness and facetted from the bottom, the glass plays with the light and incites charming effects.

Visit the Team 7 website – here.