The Story Behind the Furniture of Tucker Robbins

May 22, 2008

As a monk turned furniture designer, New York based Tucker Robbins keeps the environment and local craftsmanship in mind when creating his furniture. He works with small villages around the world in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Cameroon, Indonesia, Nepal and Brazil to create pieces using local sustainable materials.

“My mission of creating great design is combining authentic tradition and contemporary life. For twenty years, I have worked with indigenous craftsmen, resulting in an extraordinary and unique collection of modern furniture and accessories. Each piece is a reflection of worlds that have come before.” – Tucker Robbins

Visit his Youtube Channel with a couple of other short videos – here.

Tucker Robbins

Prem Armchair

Modern FurnitureWooden Furniture

Modern Wooden Furniture

Contemporary Wooden Furniture

Hollow Zig Zag

Contemporary Furniture

Wooden FurnitureModern Wooden Furniture

Z Stool or Side Table

Tucker Robbins