The Strickland-Ferris Residence by Frank Harmon

August 19, 2008

Frank Harmon designed this house in the woods of Raleigh, North Carolina.

From the architects:

Our design lifts the house off the ground on a series of sono-tube formed concrete piers and 8×8 wooden braces allowing minimal site disturbance. The house opens out to the north and the view with a storefront glass and steel façade stretching from the floor to the ceiling.  Contrasting the window wall is the solid thick wall to the south which reaches 7’-0” above the finished floor upstairs wrapping the southwest and southeast corners. The solid wall never touches the roof allowing the house to have a private face to the street while maintaining views through the clearstory towards the forest.

Visit the website of Frank Harmon Architects – here.

Photography by Timothy Hursley and Jeffrey Jacobs.