The Superfax Series by Apparatu and Mashallah Design

April 22, 2009

Barcelona based Apparatu and Berlin based Mashallah Design have created the Superfax Series, which consists of a variety of suspension lamps and a stool.

Here’s the story of why it’s called the Superfax Series:

After visiting each other in their workplaces it was clear that both studios had absolutely different approaches to design. Apparatu builds material objects organically, manually, using his hands; Mashallah Design work digitally, programming and sculpting solely in a software environment. It was decided to keep it that way. All the information and communication that was produced during a two month collaboration was sent via fax. The digital data was sent to the fax and printed out analog, on the other side analog data was sent back and viewed digitally. Sketches, photos and even blueprints with construction manuals were sent back and forth until the final designs were built.

Fractal Stool:

Fractal stool is an upholstered stool built in two parts. A soft foam cushion follows the extreme contours of the ceramic base part.

Scotch Club:

Scotch Club is a ceramic spotlight with 75 faces. The huge amount of facettes enables the user to adjust the light in any position.

Box Pleat Lamps:

The box pleat series is a collection of 3 Lamps simulating a textile silhouette with ceramics. The fall of a box pleat was digitally simulated and then assigned into lamp shades.