The Surface Tension Writing Desk by Lukas Peet

November 30, 2009

Lukas Peet, a recent graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, now living and working in Canada, has designed the Surface Tension writing desk.

The desk features leather stretched over a wood frame creating a hard/soft writing and working surface, allowing a pen to easily glide on a single piece of paper, as well as being comfortable on your hands, wrists, and elbows.

Photos by Lukas Peet

The Surface Tension Writing Desk by Lukas Peet


A writing desk based on the tension of leather resulting in a forgiving work surface. The leather is stretched over the rigid maple frame, as all connections with the skin and body are eased by the use of subtle radius’. While the tables proportions are defined by the sharp edges of the legs. Each material was chosen based on its individual qualities, and left untreated to emphasise their honest natural materiality. While all the connections are based on the materials characteristics, resulting in a table about the feeling of the materials.


I was interested in how stretched Leather becomes hard with tension, and when under tension remains forgiving, creating a hard/soft surface. As well I was interested in how this tension could be contained while still communicating the load that it is under, Showing the balance achieved by the carrier and the surface. All the materials used were chosen based on their natural characteristics. Leather for its ability to be stretched tight, Maple for its precision, and stability, and Steel for its strength. I wanted all the materials used to be left natural, since each was chosen for their natural characteristics and Properties and therefore should be left recognizable. The table is proportioned to be a focused working space, allowing enough room only your current work. While communicating the tension of the surface through the overall design of the table.

Visit Lukas Peet’s website – here.