The Surtur Chair by Emilia Borgthor

May 17, 2010

At ICFF 2010 in New York, Emilia Borgthor exhibited her Surtur Chair as part of the ICFF Studio for young designers to show their prototypes.

Description from Emilia Borgthor:

SURTUR is the name of the fire god in Norse mythology.  In 1963 the island of Surtsey was created in a volcanic eruption that started below sea level. Surtsey is now on the World Heritage list, UNESCO because of it’s values and uniqueness.

The inspiration came from this island and is thought of being a little habitat where the user can move around and  adjust to their activites. The human body is made for motion and it is natural to move. In addition to the physical  factors there are dynamics of space that affect people and therefore has to be concluded in the design. The act of sitting is viewed as a static in nature. Far from the truth, it involves almost continuous repositioning in order to respond  to the demands of the various activities. How each individual relaxes is unique but the ergonomics don’t change. Surtur is a new innovative chair with ergonomics in mind.

Visit Emilia Borgthor’s website – here.