The SW_1 Collection from Coalesse at NeoCon 2010

June 21, 2010

At the 2010 NeoCon show in Chicago, the American furniture manufacturer Coalesse exhibited the new SW_1 collection that has been designed by Scott Wilson of MINIMAL.


Coalesse, a leader in premium live/work furnishings, is pleased to introduce SW_1; a comprehensive new conferencing collection for the creative class. Designed by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL, SW_1 is a clear alternative to the generic conference room. It’s designed to enhance social connectivity, help foster collaboration, and provide participants the freedom to change postures and positions while remaining entirely engaged in their meetings.

SW_1 includes lounge-inspired conference furniture that features a lowered-height table with a conference lounge chair creating a hybrid collaborative space that’s part conference/part lounge. The remaining elements in the line, standard and occasional height tables, low-and high-back lounges, and conference height chairs support all of the settings that are utilized during the knowledge creation process (i.e. socialization, learning, collaboration, and focused activities).

The conference-lounge chair provides ergonomic comfort enabling a more relaxed “lean back” posture and more freedom to move than typical conferencing chairs. The lounge chair refers to iconic mid-century forms, while employing advanced materials and processes to achieve a contemporary expression and unique behaviors, even swiveling back to center when the occupant leaves, to instantly reorder the room.

The low collaborative table expresses a more social and informal experience than the conventional conference room solution and features a tablet that extends off of the table to allow for the creation of a personal work zone. The tablet allows users to access and use personal devices (laptops, etc.) without having to change their relaxed postures and disrupting the flow of the meeting. The tablet comes in two finishes to match the trim, as well as grommet and wire management packages.

SW_1 make’s Coalesse’s commitment to sustainability a tangible reality. Made of aluminum and steel, the chairs and tables are almost 100% recyclable. The mesh and 3-D knits are woven for each chair offering a no-waste solution during manufacturing. The upholstery elements on the chair are designed so that they can be updated over time while re-using about 85% of the existing product. Snap-off cushion components offer a practical, low-cost solution to extend the life and use of the chair and alternative to having to purchase new furniture.

The SW_1 collection boasts a simple, yet all-inclusive statement of line: conference lounge and standard height conferencing chairs that can be ordered in 10 knit colors. SW_1 also includes occasional tables, works tables and standard and low conference tables in a broad spectrum of sizes and materials, including round, square, super-square, rectangle and super-elliptical. They are available in Coalesse’ full palette of glass, wood veneers and stains and laminates. It’s also available in white Corian tops with a light or dark trim package. All SW_1 products are BIFMA-certified with a 10-year warranty.

To complement the SW_1 collection is the all-new Power Pod. In the simplest terms, Power Pod is a design-conscious, portable power source and accessory tray all in one. Power Pod is clever, intuitive and timely. Not only is it a beautiful accessory, it is also completely necessary in a world of ipods, ipads, cell phones, laptops, etc. “Power Pod is the first ‘well designed’ power strip to deserve to be used on top of the table where users can most naturally interact with it,” said Robert Arko, VP, Creative Director for Coalesse.

PowerPod has dual intelligence for working with both the SW_1 table grommet or on any work surface where there is no grommet. An accessory tray sits on top of the power source when not in use, providing an organized home for shared materials and tools typical of a working collaborative space. It is portable and can be used with any table on the market.

Visit the Coalesse website – here.