The Tales Pavilion by Luca Nichetto

September 27, 2013

Luca Nichetto has designed the Tales Pavilion that will be opening tomorrow in Lido Garden, Beijing, China.



If one had to describe the relationship between Venetian designer Luca Nichetto and the Tales enterprise in only one word, it would be “emotion.” What brought these two lovers of design together is nothing short of a cocktail of right timing, trust, a twist of luck, and the mutual notion that emotion is at the core of design.

The Tales Pavilion came into being through a creative process inclusive of both design and enterprise. Nichetto developed the façade of the pavilion by converting 1,200 pieces of brass tubes into “grass leaves” that camouflage the entire structure. The “brass leaves” oxidize and change color naturally with the passing of the seasons, merging with the natural scenery of the Beijing Lido Garden and giving a sense of life to the pavilion. The architectural design is Nichetto’s depiction of the young and avant-garde Tales, which, much like grass, is free, natural, and full of life with a grand desire of growin.

For the interior design, Nichetto divided the pavilion into 6 impeccably delineated volumes, using different materials and colors to accentuate the outlines. At the heart and central volume of the pavilion, surrounded by the various showrooms, lie the reception and business area of Tales. This section is covered with elm wood recycled from old houses from Hebei Province, creating a feeling of warmth and candidness.

The exhibition displays of the pavilion were exclusively designed for the Tales Pavilion keeping adaptability and flexibility in mind. Resembling a Chinese tangram puzzle, triangle displays of different heights can be combined and arranged in different silhouettes, allowing exhibitors to bend the room to their wishes. The same concept can be observed in the outside garden in the design of concrete benches. Furthermore, Nichetto gave a unique touch to the pavilion as he used the building’s layout as the design pattern to fashion decorative panels that can be found all over the pavilion. They can be appreciated in the reception’s window, the loft railing, grids of air conditioners, rugs, in front of the bathroom door and on the rooftop. For the color pallet, NCS notations were used to precisely convey the desired colors.

Organized across multiple gradients of light, all these areas create a sense of micro-urbanity, encouraging interaction between visitors and lovers of design alike. World renowned brands Foscarini, Diesel with Foscarini, Ibride, Petite Friture, Diamantini & Domeniconi and Seletti, will give life to the exhibitions and inner corridors of the pavilion with their story-telling design projects.

The goal of the Tales Pavilion is to establish itself as a design stage of international significance. The pavilion will become a dynamic and vibrant new complex for excellence in design. Tales’ philosophy of “story-telling design,” in unison with its acute attention in selecting collaborators and brands, perfectly suited Nichetto’s innovative approach to design and vice versa. In the words of Tales Co-founder and Creative Director, Terence Yeung, “It all came down to a matter of trust and good feeling,” how it all came to be was “like a natural connection.”

Design: Luca Nichetto
Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud